Client: Communale OÖ (Land Oberösterreich), Schäxpir Festival, Mia Oberländer

For the performance and exhibition titled »Anna in Peuerbach« at Communale OÖ 2023, the national exhibition of the Austrian federal state Upper Austria, in collaboration with the Schaexpir Festival Linz, we created stylized animations inspired by the Graphic Novel »ANNA« by Illustrator Mia Oberländer: A portrait of three generations of women, all called Anna, who challenge, in their own way, the norms of society.

From the initial sketches to the final look, our collaboration with the illustrator and the exhibition designers Mia Oberländer and Julia Wazinski was a close and seamless one. Together, we carefully intertwined the visual style and materials used in the exhibition with the textures and shaders that we crafted for the animations.

The mix of our combined efforts resulted in a fusion of props and animations. This, along with the remarkable performances by the performing artists, created a harmonious narrative, offering viewers an opportunity to explore the distinctive world of Anna in Peuerbach.

Exhibition Design: Mia Oberländer, Julia Wazinski
Director: Henri Hüster
Performers: Lukas Gander, Lisa Kallage, Rebecca Rosa Liebing
Choreography: Vasna Aguilar
Assistant Director: Johanna Liska Composition & Sound Installation: Florentin Berger-Monit & Johannes Wernicke
Costume: Bianca Fladerer 

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