We are NO WORRIES JUST SHAPES – a 3D & Motion Design Studio based in Vienna, run by Lina Schubert & Florentin Berger.

Together with our clients we explore visual realities and hypernatural materialities at the intersection of Art & Design and retell the stories of objects.

As Designers we combine our experiences in design, music, anthropology, theatre and advertising to create future-oriented content for cultural institutions, products and brands.    

Foto © Kerstin Hammerschmid


︎︎︎3D ︎︎︎Animation ︎︎︎Art Direction ︎︎︎Design ︎︎︎Editorial Imagery ︎︎︎Motion Design ︎︎︎NFTs︎︎︎Hero Shots ︎︎︎Product Visualisation︎︎︎Visual Research, Concepts & Strategies ︎︎︎VR & AR Applications

︎︎︎Adobe Creative Suite ︎︎︎Cinema 4D ︎︎︎Forger ︎︎︎Redshift ︎︎︎Procreate ︎︎︎and lots and lots of pencils and paper

Selected Clients we’ve worked with:

︎︎︎BBCK ︎︎︎Buero Butter ︎︎︎Commonground ︎︎︎Communale OÖ ︎︎︎Con Evo ︎︎︎Crownd ︎︎︎De’Longhi ︎︎︎Die Angewandte ︎︎︎favoriten Wien ︎︎︎Florian Tanzer | luma.launisch ︎︎︎L’Officiel Cyprus ︎︎︎Mercedes-Benz ︎︎︎Mia Oberländer ︎︎︎Nives Widauer ︎︎︎RADO Switzerland ︎︎︎Schäxpir ︎︎︎Studio Bruch ︎︎︎Studio Elisabeth Habig ︎︎︎Vangardist ︎︎︎Vienna Design Week
Members of:

︎︎︎Design Austria ︎︎︎Illustration Ladies Vienna ︎︎︎Illustria ︎︎︎Rolo ︎︎︎The GOODList