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NO WORRIES JUST SHAPES is a 3D and Motion Design Studio based in Vienna, run by Lina Schubert and Florentin Berger.

We help innovative brands, cultural institutions and creative agencies explore new visual realities and elevate the stories embedded in their ideas and products.

As designers, we utilize our multidisciplinary experience in design, music, anthropology, theatre and advertising to craft hypernatural materialities in the intermediary space bridging the physical and digital realms.    


︎︎︎3D Design ︎︎︎Animation ︎︎︎Art Direction ︎︎︎Editorial Imagery ︎︎︎Motion Design ︎︎︎Product Visualisation ︎︎︎Visual Research, Concepts & Strategies ︎︎︎VR & AR Applications
Selected Clients we’ve worked with:

︎︎︎Buero Butter ︎︎︎Communale OÖ ︎︎︎Crownd ︎︎︎Florian Tanzer ︎︎︎L’Officiel Cyprus ︎︎︎Mia Oberländer  ︎︎︎RADO Switzerland ︎︎︎Schäxpir Festival Linz ︎︎︎Studio Elisabeth Habig︎︎︎University of Applied Arts Vienna ︎︎︎Vangardist ︎︎︎Vienna Design Week

︎︎︎Adobe Creative Suite ︎︎︎Adobe Medium ︎︎︎Cinema4D ︎︎︎Forger ︎︎︎Redshift ︎︎︎Procreate ︎︎︎and lots and lots of pencils and paper

︎︎︎Pixel Vienna 2023

Members of:

︎︎︎Design Austria ︎︎︎Rolo ︎︎︎The GOODList